Judge Sides with Lavatec Laundry Technology, Prohibits Use of Trademark by Competitor

Following a Sept. 4 bench trial establishing Lavatec Laundry Technology Inc. (LLT) as the exclusive owner of the “Lavatec” trademark, a judge has ordered a preliminary injunction preventing the company formerly known as Lavatec Inc. from use of the “Lavatec” name or logo as part of its corporate name, trademark or domain name, as well as in the manufacture, sale, advertising or promotion of products.

Niche Markets: Unique Environments, Special Equipment Considerations (Part 1)

Textile care facilities come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from massive plants processing linens commercially to tiny rooms hidden away in the basements of buildings. For those businesses and institutions that prefer to keep their laundry processing in-house, such as in common environments like hotels and hospitals, a unique set of challenges greets their laundry operators every day.
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